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Special for January 20 dollars per session Sign up today with Randy Christofferson or Beth Pera Personal Training Packages: $50 Per Hour 10 sessions for $40 each Per Hour 20 sessions for $35 each Per Hour Group Discounts available upon request Get the one on one attention you need to get strong and fit, you …

What is Peradise Fitness?

Peradise Fitness has taken fitness classes from being just a class to becoming an experience. It was critical in the minds of the owners, Jerry and Beth Pera, that the studio had the safest flooring possible. Having experienced classes on carpet and concrete and feeling the adverse effects of injuries due to unsafe flooring, they installed a state of the art dance floor that is not only cushioned but is laid over carpeting. The studio also has taken lighting to a whole new level. Black lights, strobe and DJ lighting create a club-like atmosphere. The lights jump and dance to the beat of the music. Student’s feel like they are at a party, not working out. In every class someone always asks the instructor to keep going! The studio is brand new, clean and also has ceiling fans, mirrors, wall shelving for purses, water, keys, etc. Beth is a certified instructor with 15 years experience in the fitness industry. Peradise Fitness will have nothing less than excellent instructors who are certified in their area of teaching. Every student is welcome at Pera …

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We have classes completely unique and only found at our studio. R.I.P.P.E.D. Resistance, Interval

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